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Fairtrade America

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Many cocoa farmers work an entire day for $0.78-1.00 (World Economic Forum) due to the unjust realities of the global food market, which is significantly below the poverty line. Add to that, farmers are battling inflation, rising production costs, the climate crisis and COVID-19 related challenges while the price they earn for cocoa hasn’t risen at all, even as the global cocoa and chocolate industry hits $48+ billion annually (Fortune Business Insights). With that in mind, Fairtrade America (FTA), the U.S. chapter of Fairtrade International, tasked SchroderHaus with helping Americans understand that by making a simple choice, like purchasing a Fairtrade certified chocolate bar, they can vote with their dollars to change a broken trade system and help farmers earn a fairer deal.


Through the ‘It’s Only Fair’ campaign, SchroderHaus worked to make the global issue of smallholder farmer poverty a localized problem by disrupting people’s routines (scrolling on social) with the question, “How long would you work for $0.85?” Through three short, comedic videos, the team demonstrated just how little work Americans would be willing to do for $0.85- like a haircut. The ‘It’s Only Fair’ campaign launched on World Chocolate Day, July 7, and utilized the videos in organic and paid social, media relations, paid and earned influencer engagement, Fairtrade certified brand licensee toolkits and newsletter content.


By implementing this social media strategy, team SchroderHaus met or exceeded all KPI’s with the following results:

  • 1,108,632 social media impressions for campaign content

  • 541,192 potential reach of video shares by Fairtrade licensees

  • 18% engagement rate on Instagram social content

  • Paid influencer content saw 3-6% engagement rates and a 992,200 total potential reach

  • Fairtrade America saw a 20% increase in awareness and 15% increase in trust in their biennial Globescan consumer insights study