The Affiliate Marketing Solution

Affiliate marketing delivers a competitive return on ad spend (ROAS) and decreased customer acquisition costs (CAC). Your spend connects directly to incremental sales while still building awareness.

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The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Unlike CPC where you’re charged for each click, affiliate costs are tied directly to sales, minimizing financial risks and ensuring manageable cash flow.
Affiliates are carefully selected and vetted to mirror our clients’ audiences, guaranteeing that traffic comes from individuals genuinely interested in your products and aligned with your mission.
Commission terms or rates can vary by affiliate partner type and even down to the specific partner so we have control on overall spend and reward those partners that are helping our clients reach their key objectives of awareness, new households, sales and more!
Affiliate marketing typically generates a higher return on investment compared to other digital strategies.

D2C + Amazon Affiliate Programs

SchroderHaus is a Preferred Partner for Both

D2C Affiliate Marketing with, the world’s leading partnership management platform.’s end-to-end solution enables agencies, brands and affiliates to discover, create and manage any type of partnership.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing with Levanta goes far beyond Amazon Associates to drive real results.

Levanta integrates with Amazon’s Attribution API to allow sellers and affiliates (content creators and publishers) to partner directly.

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