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Early 2022 GlobeScan research conducted on behalf of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the international not-for-profit responsible for the world’s most widely used sustainable seafood ecolabel, found that people were increasingly changing their diets for environmental reasons as concerns over climate change grew. Recognizing these insights the MSC challenged SchroderHaus to inform media that by simply purchasing a product with the MSC blue fish label, climatarians can easily make a seafood purchase that fits into their budgets, and that’s good for them and the ocean, too.


To raise awareness and understanding of the role the MSC plays in ensuring seafood can be a sustainable and affordable option available for generations of climatarians to come, the SchroderHaus team strategically produced the second ‘Dining Together for a Big Blue Future’ event in May of 2022. The SchroderHaus team researched and vetted up-and-coming chefs, ultimately selecting Chef Adrienne Cheatham, veteran of Michelin-starred kitchens, Top Chef runner up and SundayBest pop-up founder/cookbook author, to craft the menu around MSC certified products. SchroderHaus then carefully selected media local to New York to invite to the dinner, including those that cover sustainability and food. The dinner was held at the historic James Beard House in New York City ahead of June National Oceans Month in 2022, to provide media with a timely news hook for coverage. SchroderHaus then leveraged both Chef Cheatham’s recipes and the seasonal moment in post-event media follow up.


The combination of a carefully-selected venue, decor, custom cocktails, multi-course menu and informative content shared throughout the evening sparked conversation about the future of sustainable seafood and generated the following results:

  • Secured EIGHT stories in outlets like Good Morning America online (multiple stories), MindBodyGreen, Civil Eats, Thrillist, Epicurious and Kids Post, the Washington Post’s kids’ edition

  • Surpassed the set media impression goal with an estimated 4.4 MILLION coverage views

  • Successfully supported the MSC in increasing the number of consumers who believe their choices make a difference to the health of the ocean by 7%, as shared in the MSC’s biennial ‘Consumer Insights Global Report’