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PR, social




Fairtrade America

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Drive traffic and entries for a holiday-themed social media giveaway featuring Fairtrade certified branded partners


Delivered product mailers originally created for media to six socially responsible influencers, informing them of the “Fairtrade for the Holidays,” initiative and encouraging them to share the giveaway with their audience along with data points on the importance of shopping for Fairtrade products 


- Achieved goal of six interested partners across local foodie and ethical fashion niches to receive kits

- All six partners organically shared on their social accounts with a total potential reach >280K

- Five of the six influencers did Instagram stories, and one influencer shared content on her feed

- The @fairtrademarkus giveaway had nearly 1,000 engagements, and the the Fairtrade America audience gained hundreds of new Instagram followers (a growth of more than 7%) during the giveaway, with acknowledgement from the organization’s team that the “influencers really made a difference”

- Finally, the giveaway demonstrated support for the five partner brands, with a CTA to follow them on Instagram as a requirement for entry