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Swell Ice Cream

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In the hottest and most competitive ice cream season, drive expanded awareness of Swell, The Next Wave of Ice Cream, while undergoing a complete rebrand from ProYo on shelf. Help the ice cream brand stand out from the competition specifically with health-focused millennial women who tend to shop the better-for-you ice cream category.


Carefully select and partner with 15 large reach influencers for multi-month content partnerships that celebrate the versatility of Swell Ice Cream and keep providing consumers a reason to engage. For added exposure and to drive trial in July, National Ice Cream Month, layer in partnerships with 40 additional mid-tier influencers based in key retailer regions. Work closely with all influencers to generate lifestyle and product-centric content that fosters an emotional connection with the better-for-you ice cream shopper, sharing just what makes Swell Ice Cream so special. Evaluate success of program by tracking not only potential reach, but actual reach, engagement rates, interest in digital coupon offer, and brand channel growth.


  • Developed true “partners” who Swell Foods celebrated through a brand immersion training and high-value swag

  • Vetted influencers created content that was authentic to them and relevant to their audiences, while naturally integrating Swell Ice Cream

  • More than 15MM potential reach across all executed content

  • For higher-tier influencers, actual reach was nearly 23% of potential reach; and video engagement was more than 14% of potential reach

  • For mid-tier partners, engagement rates ranged from 3 to 8 percent, per influencer across feed posts and Instagram stories

  • 3.6MM ibotta digital coupon and brand impressions generated through influencer content

  • 20 percent follower growth on brand’s Instagram channel