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Marketing, PR


Fairtrade America

Project Description


At the end of 2019, Fairtrade America was struggling to generate social channel growth and engagement, and questioned how social media could effectively help the organization reach consumer awareness and business development goals included in its multi-year strategic plan. SchroderHaus was tasked to assess Fairtrade’s social content strategy and recommend how best to evolve key channels to better reach the organization’s goals.



The team developed a comprehensive digital strategy informed by a social audit and competitive analysis of other fair trade, Non-GMO and gluten-free certifications. The predominantly organic social strategy included recommended content recommendations; revitalized feed design to bring cohesiveness to content; increased channel management and engagement; and paid support of strategic seasonal and consumer campaigns.



  • 13-20% organic engagement rate

  • 104% IG channel growth from less than 5k to more than 10k, earning Fairtrade the Swipe Up function

  • Surpassed LinkedIn follower growth of 4,800 in less than six months

  • 15% average organic engagement rate on IG posts and 5.5% on LinkedIn posts

  • 1,300+ average reach per IG post and more than 500 per LinkedIn post

  • Awareness CPM less than $1

  • Traffic CPC under $.50