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Marketing, PR


Fairtrade America

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Awareness of the Fairtrade mark and benefits is below 30% in the United States, making it difficult to make a compelling argument to brands as to why they should invest in a partnership with the supply chain partner. With a limited budget, but a vast network and richness of compelling stories to share, Fairtrade America challenged SchroderHaus to build and share stories that would earn consistent and compelling news mentions.



SchroderHaus developed a bi-monthly issues initiative news engine to regularly celebrate the benefits choosing Fairtrade has for people and the planet. By working closely with the Fairtrade team, we uncovered the untold stories of the organization, its farmers, studies and new programs and licensee announcements that would garner notable trade, consumer and business coverage.



  • We successfully secured at least two pieces of trade and/or business coverage for each bi-monthly issues initiative, and added coverage for key licensee announcements

  • Total coverage for 2020 initiatives had a potential reach of more than 100 million and stories ran in notable outlets such as Forbes, TreeHugger, Spoon University, Confectionary News, NOSH, Delish, Progressive Grocer, and more

  • The organization experienced double digit growth through licensee agreements in 2020 and we will soon know if mark and benefit awareness have grown as Fairtrade’s bi-annual Globescan results come out in May